Recently, thanks to the LED technology, the options of being able to change the color temperature (Kelvin range)  have become of increasing demand in many of our products. Specially in those items which the CCT technology is able to create different moods, for example in home applications like living rooms and  bathrooms, but also in work spaces like offices.


It is well known specific  warm lights (2700K-3000K) are associated with friendly moods and  for creating relaxing atmospheres, while cool lights (4100K-5000K) are preferred for reading and work areas because they create a neat, clean and efficient  light helping to carry out tasks.




Lexis 2900K-3500K-4300K



One of the biggest drawbacks of this CCT  technology on the lighting products was the requirements of specific dimmer walls, extra buttons on the products or the accumulation of remote controls around home. For this reason, one of the challenges completed with these products has been to achieve a CCT system that didn’t require  of any extra button or remote but at the same time it could be configured with any on/off switches common at all homes.


Finally, we have achieved below system where consumer can easily select the right color of temperature desired by switching on and off the item to go through the different color modes.  To activate the memory of the lamp to fix the  color temperature desired, we only need to let the luminaire on for 5 seconds and then turn it off without switching it on again for 5 seconds. In this way we achieve the exact color temperature keep memorized in the lamp for future use.