In previous posts we explained how the CCT (Color Change Temperature) works and the technology behind it.  However, with the popularity of this LED color change features, more options have appeared using the same principle. In this case we refer to the “Dim to Warm”, and in order to understand clear both options we will try to explain more details:


  • CCT (Color Change Temperature)

Color Change Temperature allow the user to adjust the lumen output and Kelvin temperature color independently. This makes a wide range of possible combinations between these two parameters and light options are highly customizable.



  • DTM (Dim to Warm)

Dim to Warm try to replicate the effect of the filament lamps, like for example classical and halogen lamps, where the color temperature become warmer as you dim them. This highly desired effect had disappeared with the introduction of the LED, however, thanks to this new technology this can be achieved back.  In DTM, the Kelvin color temperature can’t be manually adjusted but it follow the dimmable lumen output curve. So, more than adding options it enhance current dimmable process achieving a more relaxing atmosphere when the light is dimmed down.





In below video, you can see some animations to have a better understanding on how they operate in real lamps and the differences between them. Also, to remark this technology can be easily added to any item range. The LED configurations are the same in both cases, but just the LED controller is what is making to work in one way or another.