Below we have some shots of the Onix floor lamp and table lamp for a private apartment project in Hong Kong.


Onix range is  specially fitted for those modern areas where design need to be minimalist but at the same time offer a big output to illuminate big areas. Also, its matt nickel finish make it blends perfectly with white areas and those with other locations surrounded by similar metals like stainless steel without creating extra unwanted reflections. Despite the floor lamp housing a top 30W 3000lumens LED and its reading lamp a 6W 600lm, both lights are dimmable in order to create the desired atmosphere or to adjust the light to a specific purpose.





All of the Onix range diffusers are  made of an “extra clear” floated glass achieving a high quality feeling and at the same time offering the LED an extra backlit angle that would not be possible to be achieved in any other way, overall offering a very powerful light in one end while a very soft light on the other.  Thanks to its adjustable heads all of the lights can be directed to any specific position to create different moods.





If you would like to know the whole family of Onix, including those IP44 models for the bathroom areas, you can check them out in our  Onix Range Section.