Koldi is a very special new bathroom IP44 range that consist in three models, base one, two and three lights, in which we tried to combine many features and styles together. First of all we intended to created a fixed bathroom wall lamp look while at the same time not to lose the  adjustable functionalities of the spots joints. Secondly, we wanted to be as compact and minimalist as usual without losing its high output performance to guarantee mirror and bathroom areas are perfectly lit.



koldi led wall bathroom



One of the secrets of its sleek design head and quality of light it is due to its LED and its floated glass heads. This custom build COB of 6W 600lm consist of a high surface area which allow not only to increase the light angle but at the same type to produce a softer light than its competitors directly out of the LED. This LED allow to do extra thin applications without affecting its light quality performance.


From another side, the LED is comprised inside of the glass completely hermetic being protected from any water or dust. The purpose of this glass is to strengthen the light effect in all angles and directions creating a beautiful indirect bounced ray lights. However, all of the edges of the glass head as well as LED glass surfaces are heavily frosted to make sure it acts as diffuser and not to make its light disturbing.