Onix pendant it is a high quality item made mainly on steel in matt nickel finish and a float extra clear white glass.  It include a powerful LED of 30W giving 3000 lumens to illuminate any large desired area. Thanks to its clear glass, achieving nice reflections and soft light in almost all the directions.



Onix led pendants kitchen



One of the success of this pendant design is to provide a very powerful light while still having a very sleek design, and above all, having a very soft light. Soft light means the light tends to “wrap” around objects creating almost no shadows. This lighting performance on this pendant is made thanks to its LED board which is housing no less than 300 units of LED SMD 0.1W.  This LED board has a big surface area and also a perfect LED chip distribution while finally making its main glass act as a diffuser.


This makes all of the objects well illuminated in the scene perfect for those big areas that need to be well lit and clear for users to carry out activities. We recommend this light for dinning rooms and kitchens tables.





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