Sione pendant is another great product introduced into this range and which has helped to boost the overall popularity of Sione range.  The reason behind this is related to the traditional purpose of pendants which light directionality and functionality have always been rather limited.


With Sione pendant we tried to go one step ahead combining a powerful LED system, an extreme sleek design, built-in dimmable option and above all creating a fully functional item for any dinning and living room. With all that in mind we are glad to present a ceiling lamp housing two SMD of 18W creating a total of no less than 3600 lumens and controlled with a push memory dimmer under the lamp.




Sione led Pendant Black



It’s memory dimmer allow the lamp light output to be kept at the same level at all times, even if  independently  turned  on or off from the lamp button switch or using the wall switch at home.  This feature  on the item is specifically designed for those rooms which are big enough and where the lamps may be activated from different position of the house, while at the same time is still is possible to control  at all times the lamp with its push button located under the item.


Finally, the functionalities its adjustable heads provide are one of the things we feel most proud of.  Because one of the most important thing of the light is to create moods and ambients, Sione pendant allow independent adjustable positions for each of the heads to create different lights environment, plus the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the overall light output allow to create unlimited light creations for each of the situations.


In below picture you can see an small summary of the basic adjustable positions for each of the heads  as a guideline of the possibilities of this lamp.

Sione Pendant Movements